Evaporation Pond Renovation

Gruene Enviro Company

In April 2015, GEC completely renovated an existing evaporation pond at a local aggregate plant. The existing pond’s capacity was too small and had emergent vegetation growing in the bays.  GEC removed the excess sediment and vegetation, then reshaped and increased the size of the pond. The new one-acre pond has two sections, which include a sedimentation bay and evaporation bay.  Bentonite and clay were used to create a stable, long lasting pond liner. A pipe and valve system was also installed, allowing the client to use water from the pond for dust control throughout the plant.The new pond is designed to withstand a 100-year storm event. GEC planted native grasses on the outer walls and spillway to stabilize soils, filter runoff, and prevent future erosion issues.  Since the pond was rebuilt in April, it has withstood two months of record rainfall with no issues from erosion or levy failure.